Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in Arabic

On 14 May 2018, our spiritual brother and companion on the road to the “Life Divine,” Zackaria Moursi, left his body and this earthly realm.
At the end of a short visit to Auroville 10 years ago, he received the Adesh, the inner command (and in this case also the outer command) of what he ultimately understood to be a kind of fulfillment of his life’s purpose: to translate Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s works into Arabic. In 2008, Zack returned to the Lodi Ashram and devoted half his time to Ashram work and half to his translation work and to the development of his website which served as a vehicle of outreach into the Arab and Islamic world, to allow some Light of Sri Aurobindo’s teachings to penetrate into the chaos and barbarism of fundamentalism that is raging there. The translation work continued to expand with the publication of three books and numerous essays and articles. He continued to grapple with ways to reach the Islamic psyche in a non-threatening way, inviting Mus­lim readers to perceive the possibility of a spirituality that grows naturally out of the Islamic faith into a wider Light.
In Zack’s words, “The reason I have left Egypt to spend my remaining years in an ashram dedicated to Sri Auro-bindo and the Mother is that I find this ashram to be, for me, the most suitable place to deepen, in and around my­self, that solid peace...the peace on which, in the long run, a divine life can be established on earth.”
Note: Zack’s translations, books, articles, as well as other material, are available at his website: which will continue to be maintained.
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